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The Purple Pig

Dear visitors, it's with great excitement that we greet you to our accommodation conveniently situated near the sparkling Aegean sea, ready to assist you in crossing the enchanting island of Ios off your bucket list. Our team is ready to provide a captivating experience personalized to your preferences. Whether you're in pursuit of serene relaxation or exhilarating escapades, our modest yet cozy rooms, positioned alongside Mylopota’s beach, offer an ideal setting for your travels.

The Purple Pig, Ios, Mylopotas Beach
The Purple Pig, Hotel On A Budget Ios Island, Greece
The Purple Pig, Ios, Affordable Hotels In Greece
The Purple Pig, Affordable Accommodation In Ios Island, Greece

Discover our collection of our 16 simple, yet comfortable, rooms and book the one you prefer.

Our Services
Hotel Amenities

Here are some additional services that are aiming to assist you at your journey and provide you with practical conveniences.

Parking Space

Available on a 24-hour basis, our parking space ensures your vehicle's safety and accessibility throughout your stay.

Free Wifi

Access uninterrupted connectivity with our high-speed WiFi, providing seamless internet access throughout your stay.